Blake Blain - Clinical Psychologist

Blake Blain – Clinical Psychologist

To make an appointment with Blake Blain please visit www.bpsychology.au or call 03 7068 5808. Alternatively, please contact enquiry@bpsychology.au

Blake is a registered Clinical Psychologist and has gained experience over several years working with adults and older adults across various settings including public mental health and in private practice. Blake focuses on providing comprehensive assessments and helping individuals reformulate (or make more sense of) their difficulties. He also provides counselling and psychological therapy to assist individuals work towards their desired changes.

Blake is motivated to continue helping individuals improve their lives through targeting problems ranging from acute of chronic, or from less to more severe. These problems may relate to mental disorders including to anxiety, depression, psychotic, obsessive-compulsive, trauma related, dissociative, impulse control, and personality type disorders. Blake also helps with difficulties relating to; suicidality and self-harming; stress; low self-esteem and confidence; grief and loss; life transition; relationship difficulties; social difficulties; loneliness; conflict; to name a few.

Blake is trained in, and continues to develop several evidence based approaches including, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness based therapies. Blake is at the final stages of completing an accreditation in Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT). This therapy informs Blake therapeutic work whether engaging in formal or informal CAT as it helps individuals become more observant of unhelpful patterns in their lives and relationships and works towards creating more helpful ones. Blake works hard to create a safe space where clients are heard and collaborated with to deepen their understanding of themselves, and improve their lives and overall wellbeing.

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