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Back into Osteopathy

Dr Laura Pearce has been practicing Osteopathy since 2015 with years studying and practicing Remedial therapy prior to this. Laura is a proud Osteopath and aims to establish a diagnosis and clear management plan for all of her patients with musculoskeletal complaints. Laura treats a wide range of conditions from lower back pain, to pregnant patients including core-education, and management of acute injuries.                    

Osteo Leyton

Dr. Leyton Campbell has a passion for helping people increase their range of motion, and reduce their experience of pain. He has particular interest in seeing patients who have chronic pain, or general musculoskeletal injuries. He feels best when his patients sit up at the end of the session and are amazed at how good they feel, how much more they’re moving, or how much less pain they have. Leyton’s treatment sessions feature osteopathic technique staples, as well as dry needling and myofascial cupping upon request.

Bonnie Maplestone

Dr. Bonnie Maplestone treats people from all walks of life. Her passion is to help women who are interested in personal growth and want to improve their health by addressing female hormonal or autoimmune issues. Rather than just addressing the symptoms, Bonnie seeks to find the cause of the issue. This has seen her assist with and manage many
long-term, outstanding concerns for dozens of clients, including but not limited to Pregnancy, postnatal concerns, pre/post menopause and women trying to conceive.